HeavenWorld church was expressly delivered by God to our senior pastors Victor and Ezinne Orji in 2008. However, our first service started on Sunday, 8th of January, 2012 in a family house within the garden city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria with 18 persons in attendance. After a short period of 7 weeks, God relocated us to a beautiful hall that was formerly used by a British consultancy firm in GRA Port Harcourt. The Lord gave us great favor in the city that we were soon running weekly television programs “Moment Of Empowerment” on Rivers State Television Authority and SilverBird Channels which impacted and transformed many lives and families within and outside the city. HeavenWorld has always been sold out to the welfare service of the less privileged in the society through her several outreach programs in the community, hospitals, prisons, schools etc. HeavenWorld church publishes and distributes a free monthly magazine known as “Voice of Prophecy” which several thousands of copies have greatly inspired countless testimonies around the world. Our Everyday Success with Pastor Victor broadcast on local radio station and social media platform is another platform of the church in reaching the unreached and unleashing the power of God unto salvation to many.

Membership Class

Lesson 1

Our vision
What we believe
Our core values.

HeavenWorld church is a Local Assembly with a Global Vision. We have a mandate from God to reach out to the whole world with the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus.
We believe that the ernest expectation of nations are waiting for our manifestation and the demonstration of the gospel of grace with signs and wonders.

If you must be an effective member of HeavenWorld church you must have a global mindset.

To establish the kingdom of heaven in the heart of all people, training them to have the mind of Christ, that they may reign as priest in his church and as kings in their world. Rev 5:9-10.

The Bible clearly states that we are Kings and priest. As priest we influence lives positively for the kingdom of God and serve effectively in the house of God, and as Kings we bear rule and influence in our sphere of contact manifesting glory, success and excellence. Being the head and not the tail. Refusing to accept or celebrate mediocrity. Becoming a leading success in your chosen career and endeavor.
As you attend HeavenWorld church, your call is to reign and not to live or accept a life of defeat and misery. Forget about the limitations you have faced in the past, God wants to do a new thing. God loves you and cares for you and that is the reason He directed your feet to HeavenWorld church. You will not only experience a testimony for any difficulty in your life when you come to HeavenWorld, but you will become a testimony in your world. There are testimonies of those whose lives are better today than it was yesterday since joining this vision. Yours can happen even faster.


The word of God is the foundation of everything we do as a church. It is the blueprint of our activities as a Church. We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word, not a product of good men’s idea.
We believe in it’s infallibility and eternal existence. Though the church operates in the prophetic, we don’t build on prophecy. We enjoy prophecy as long as it’s in line with the written word.
So as an intending member, have it clear that our focus as a church is to exalt the person of Jesus and the written word of God. Our focus is not on chasing demons though we excersise authority over them. Our focus is not in anointing Oil though we believe in the anointing Oil. Our focus is not on mantle though the pastor can pray over materials as a point of contact. Please don’t misunderstand this, there is nothing wrong with using anointing Oil and mantle but that is not our focus and should not be the focus. Come with a strong focus on the person of Jesus and desire to learn and know God’s word in HeavenWorld and you will have a foundation for durable success.

We believe in the prophetic or prophecy.

We believe God still speaks today. We believe He speaks through his prophets to his people. We have a Pastor who is called as a prophet to the nations with proven track record of accurate prophecies over the years and fulfillment. Though he doesn’t associate the title to his name because of the abuse of that office, especially in recent times, he is nonetheless a prophet. So you can expect the prophetic or prophecy as you attend HeavenWorld Church services. Many have received prophecies of divine assignment, healing, deliverance and financial breakthrough that have changed their lives.


Giving is an integral part of the Christian life. Giving the best of your tithes, offerings and sacrificial seeds is necessary for a healthy church life. But we don’t believe in giving by coercion or by threat. This is one church that will never cajole you into giving or threaten you to give. Actually any giving that is not from a willing heart will not yield any good fruit. As a church we teach you importance of giving. We encourage you to give. But We will never force or manipulate you into giving. We also teach you how to give so that you can enjoy maximum harvest. Though the subject of giving has been abused, it’s still important you give for your prosperity. Don’t wait until you are told to give. Partner with this Global Vision in any way you can and believe God for personal increase.

We believe we have been delivered from curses.

We believe we’ve been delivered from curses. We don’t subscribe to breaking of generational curses and family deliverance. As you learn the teaching of God’s word in this place, you will realize that no devil or curses no matter how real can keep you bound.

Other things we believe
*We believe in the Virgin birth of our Lord Jesus Christ

*We believe in the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus .

*We believe Jesus is the only way to salvation and the only saviour of mankind.

*We believe in the second coming of Jesus.

*We believe in heaven for everyone that has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal lord and saviour.

*We believe in eternal judgement

… excellence, purity and passion.

Anywhere we serve and no matter the capacity we serve, it must be characterized by these three values.. excellence, purity and passion.
We believe our God is God of excellence and we are created in His image and likeness. Shabbiness, disorderliness and careless attitudes do not portray excellence. Excellence is our culture in HeavenWorld church. We are not talking about perfection. In perfection there is no room for improvement but in excellence there is plenty room for improvement. In fact, there is a problem with people who think they are perfect. There is always a better way of doing what you are doing now. It means if you must be an effective member and worker in HeavenWorld church, you must be someone who craves for excellence… not “anything goes”. Excellence is about being teachable, flexible and malleable. When we lack these ingredients we become a clog in the wheel of progress of the church. You must be open to new ideas, never assume you are a professional in what you are doing and so nobody can possibly tell you what to do. That is a pathway to disaster. Be like a child, be humble and God will take you from glory to glory in HeavenWorld church

As a member or worker learn to task the mind of Christ which is in you. You can come up with excellent ideas, creative solutions and innovations that can revolutionize your department and HeavenWorld church at large.

We believe in purity both inward and outward. Again when it comes to sexual purity we don’t want to compromise. Because we are aware of the disaster it creates both at a personal level and corperate level. Don’t adopt this permissive lifestyle in the world today that’s wrecking havoc in many lives and homes. It can destroy every beautiful thing in your life. Don’t be deceived. Don’t keep saying God understands. No, by God’s grace you can overcome any habit or lifestyle. Don’t say you are under grace, if you are under grace that sin will not have dominion over you.

Your service to God will be more enjoyable if you’re are doing so with both your heart and your body. If you are battling with any sexual sin or habit we don’t condemn you. Schedule meeting with the pastor, he will pray and counsel you and God will set you free so that you can serve God in HeavenWorld church with a clear and good conscience. Ladies who are real members are meant to dress decently. As a member of HeavenWorld church always desire and pursue a life of purity both in secret and in the open. it pays and you will be great testimony to those around you.

It is a beautiful thing to be passionate. Passion is the juice of life. Many people are not internally motivated. Somebody must push them before they get to do anything or get involved with anything. That is why we are explaining the vision of HeavenWorld church so that you can understand it and run with it. Don’t be a cold member, serve God with passion and zeal. A passionate person is always willing to do anything to help. He is self-sacrificing, willing to inconvenience Himself or herself just to ensure the system or the department he finds himself works. He is not so much interested in what others are doing, he is much more concerned about giving his best to the organizational goals and vision.

Lesson 2

The universal church

*The church is a living entity founded by and upon Jesus Christ.
*The church is not a club or village association or affiliations.
*The church allows people to come as they are but doesn’t leave them the way they are, so that they can fulfill their purpose in life.
*The church is not a place to come and clap hands and go. It’s place where we reachout to people, bring them in and train them to maturity in Christ.
*The church is God’s greatest medium and agent of change in the world.
*The church is God’s light in the midst of a dark world.
*The church is the called out ones.
*The church is made of people who have made Jesus the Lord of their lives.
*The church is not measured by sitting capacity but by going capacity…we are meant to go into the world, win people for Christ and get them planted in church.
*The church is a place where we worship God in a corperate setting and be touched by God’s presence.

The importance of consistent church attendance.

*It produces stability in your life
*Helps you plan your calendar
*Helps you offer excellent and quality service in the house of God.
*Translate to stable church growth
*Allows the word of God that is being preached to gain root in your life and bear excellent fruit
*Helps you flow with the Vision instead of floating.
*Helps in proper integration and bonding with other members.
*You can be depended on.. you cannot do anything with an inconsistent person.

Lesson 3


Responsibility as a member

*Care for other members of the church

*Give to the advancement of the church

*Praying for the church; for the increase and growth of the church.

* Aggressively inviting friends and loved ones to HeavenWorld church

*keeping the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Avoid strife, jealousy, envy and gossip.

*Give to your pastors as they feed you with the word. Galatians 6::6

*Participate in the general well being of the church.

Benefits of being a member
*Pastoral covering… watching over your soul. Hebrews 13:17

*Pastoral care… for prayers and counseling and teaching you the truth of God’s word.

*Church care.. rejoices with you when you rejoice and weeps when you weep.

*Seeing to your welfare when and if necessary.

Discovering where your gifts and talents fit and providing the necessary platform for their effective and efficient development.

You are shaped for a purpose. There is an assignment you are meant to do in HeavenWorld church. God gave you unique gifts and talents that you can deploy to make a difference. Don’t bury your talent. Don’t wait to be told what to do. If there are things that you can do but there is no platform or structure for it yet, always feel free to bring it up to the pastorate for consideration.
Don’t limit yourself to what you can do or not do, just make yourself available. There are different departments and units in the church, find where you can serve with your gifts and talents or create one. The thing is that the more you serve with your gifts, it grows bigger and bigger and it can create an amazing opportunity for you and many others.

Lesson 4

Authority and submission

Any organisation or entity where there is no proper submission to authority, choas and confusion is the order of the day. Authority is for the sake of order and not suppression. Where there is no order, there is no increase.
The word submission is made up of two words…sub and mission.
As a church there is already an established mission and vision. Don’t create your own vision in the church as it will lead to, that is dual vision thereby creating division and confusion. Our God is not the author of confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33

We also emphasize the culture of honor. Honor your pastors, honor your leaders, honor one another. Learn to reverence authority, not out of fear but love. 1 Timothy 5:17. One thing you must do as a member is to properly align yourself to constituted authority. Don’t be a problem to the church. Don’t be the one giving your pastors or your departmental leader headache. Learn to take instructions and communicate where there are challenges. Don’t just disregard authority and choose to do what you feel is the best. Even your great and wonderful ideas learn to submit it to authority. Don’t hear an instruction and go the opposite direction. At the long-run, your usefulness will be dependent on how submissive you are to God’s contituted authority in the church. Don’t let your leader perceive you as a stubborn and rebellious person, humble yourself and in due season God will lift you up.


We Celebrate You!